A Strong Commitment To Service And Innovation

True to its name, the "Alag Group" was born to be a brand beyond compare. Established in 1999 the "Alag Group" is synonymous with redevelopment enriched with finesse in standard, excellence in quality and vibrance in design. Embellishing the city’s skylines for 21 glorious years, the "Alag Group" is known for their resolute commitment to every surging promise made. Meticulous planning with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and nature-green joys are some of the elements that are incorporated into their blueprint.

Delivering beyond dreams to thousands of residents, makes the "Alag Group", the cardinal choice for a towering future The legacy of the "Alag Group" continues to live up to global benchmarks, with the manifestation of every awe-inspiring castles they create.

Director's Message

Mr. Jignesh Khilani, the Director of the "Alag Group" is a first generation entrepreneur with 21 years of rich experience in the field of Real Estate. In a very short span of time, he has earned the distinction and prominence of a builder par excellence. He is instrumental in conceptualizing every landmark of luxury living that encapsulates a million dreams. Self driven in this profession with pure passion and pulsating energy, Mr. Jignesh Khilani is an inspiration and a driving force for his organization. A firm follower of the values of transparency, integrity and strong business ethics, he believes that, "The key to success is to start before you are ready!"

The vision of the "Alag Group" is to transform the Property Management industry with uniqueness in
innovation and finesse in creation. We live and breathe the future by constantly advancing with new
technology, segments and geographies. Our endeavour to outpace our own records of elevating glories,
takes us to new heights with every project that we helm.

Our mission foresees dedicated development of long term client relationships
by way of enriching propositions with maximum lifestyle benefits.
Over the years, we have thrived to beautify lives with our state of art
lifespaces of blooming desires.
With the addition of our dazzling editions to the skylines of Mumbai and beyond,
our timeless landmarks continue to reflect our unparallelled legacy.


To add great value to our clients, we believe in having a great team.
We provide the best people and bring them together in teams to deliver our
services. Our teams are diverse in their disciplines, ideas, perspectives and cultures.


We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. We are
convinced that there is often a better way to do things. So we seek opportunities to innovate in.